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Your ATV Kauai experience is sure to be exciting.

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ATV Kauai and Off-Road Tours

Kauai ATV Tours are a favorite on the island. The ATV Kauai experience is a mix of sightseeing, adventure and thrill seeking rolled all in one. Learn where you can go on a Kauai ATV Tour, the types of vehicles used and why mud is likely to be in your future. We offer many Kauai ATV Tours at discount pricing.

Where can you go on the Kauai ATV Tours?

  • Kipu Valley

    One of the most magical locations in all of Kauai is the Kipu Valley and this is the home to some of our great ATV rides. This is a location that is a popular spot for Hollywood movie producers who have made their 'block-buster' movies such as Jurassic Park, King Kong and Raiders of the Lost Arc. The valley with stream running through it and winding dirt trails taking you high above to scenic viewpoints has made this a fantastic location to enjoy an ATV ride.
  • Poipu

    Follow the Poipu coastline south on your ATV through remote areas with scenic ocean views and then literally drive through a mountain in a tunnel created years ago for the sugar cane industry. When you pop out on the other side you will have 'turned the corner' of the island and ended up on a private 22,000 acre parcel of land known for its extensive beauty and its remoteness. Oftentimes you will be allowed to 'open up' your throttle to maximum speed on these straight-away's that will ultimately lead you to a divine waterfall where you are invited to take a refreshing dip.
  • Princeville

    In the far northern stretches of the island in the mountains above the scenic land of Hanalei is yet another option for you to enjoy an ATV tour. This is the land of rainbows, forests and likely also unicorns. Riding your ATV on these Kauai ranch lands is exciting all on its own but will also combine with zip lines, hiking, swimming and a lunch as well.

Types of vehicles available on an ATV Kauai experience:

  • Polaris ATV's which are among the most most maneuverable of all ATV choices.
  • UTV vehicles that are capable of taking passenger of two to as many as four at a time.
  • Standard ATV's

A word to the wise. These ATV rides on Kauai are either dusty or muddy depending upon the day you take one and this simply adds to the fun.

Pride of America Cruise Ship:

Kauai ATV Tours do not pick up clients at the cruise. Cruise ship passengers can arrange for a taxi to take them to the departure point from the ship's dock or Tom Barefoot's Tours can make arrangements for you to have a Rental Car shuttle pick you up at the dock. These tours can be arranged for Thursday or Friday of your cruise ship schedule. Please book well in advance to assure availability.

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Checkout Tom's Tips and Insights about Kauai ATV And Off-Road Tours

Tom Barefoot's Tips
  • Tom's Tips - Kauai ATV Rides

    Try to think of three more beautiful places in Hawaii than Princville, Kipu Valley or Poipu on Kauai.  After you've realized that's an impossible task you will be delighted to know that these are the three areas of Kauai that offer fantastic ATV Tours.  The Big Island may have been the home of the original ATV rides in Hawaii but it was on Kauai that they really took hold and made the industry 'pop'.  Whether you are climbing a rugged cliff-side trail up to an amazing precipice view in Kipu, 'wailing' full out on the straight away's before you get to the famous tunnel separating Poipu from the Lihue side of the island or are driving to a remote swimming hole in the mythical land of Oz known as Hanalei, you will be so happy you have chosen an ATV ride on Kauai.

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Kipu Ranch Adventures

3 Activity Options

4-Wheel Vehicle Tours

Kipu Ranch Adventures offers ATV rides on Kauai in the beautiful Kipu Valley.
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(10 Reviews, 4.8 Stars)

Kauai ATV Tours

1 Activity Option

4-Wheel Vehicle Tours, Horseback and ATV Combo

Kauai ATV is an extraordinary adventure into the out-back of Kauai. You will be on a 22,000 acre parcel of Kauai that is known for its beauty and its remoteness. Kauai ATV makes use of Yamaha ATV's or fully automatic dune buggies to assault the wild terrain which is known worldwide as the backdrop of some of Hollywood's most famous movies.
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(3 Reviews, 4.7 Stars)

Princeville Ranch Adventures

1 Activity Option

Ranchland Riding, Hiking and Kayaks, Kayaks and Hiking, Zip-line, Zip-line Tour and Adventure, Kids Ad

The Princeville Ranch is certainly one of the most beautiful of any in the whole state of Hawaii. With its backdrop of the romantic Hanalei Mountains and it rolling hills to the sea, the Princeville Ranch is the home of a spectacular zip line course, river kayaking, hiking and some of the most amazing horseback riding country to be found anywhere.
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Video Transcript

So here's the deal with ATV tours on Kauai. First of all, these are all terrain vehicles, right? These are designed to go off-roading onto really difficult surfaces and that sort of thing.

These actually, the ATV tours that we have are really, they became popular within the last 20 years. And the vehicles themselves, they're used by all sorts of different industries, for difficult jobs getting out and around in back country, doing things, even things like replacing horses to some degree. Cowboys now ride on ATVs to get through difficult areas in ranch land and all that sort of thing.

So that's one of the great capabilities an ATV has, and that's one of the advantages that you've got in taking one of these tours. I mean, they're fun to begin with just to drive. They're just a total kick in the butt and some of these tours that I've been on on Kauai, I ended up going really a lot faster than I ever thought I would be going, but traveling through terrain that was really in some places difficult and some places that's just wide open, going through huge tunnels and everything else, up escarpments and up to the top of ridges where you have incredible, beautiful views, and such.

But, you have the one aspect of they're fun to ride. That's the one thing. Secondarily, though, where you're going. These are places you couldn't go if you didn't sign up or arrange to go on a tour like this. One area we've got over 10,000 acres of land that is private land, inaccessible to the general public, you're not going to be able to get there. On these ATV tours, you're right in the middle of it. You're cruising through and going to all sorts of unusual places and ending up at waterfalls and streams and jumping in the water if you want. They're really just amazing little tours that you can take that go all throughout the island.

The other thing you need to know about them though, is that I guess they're not for everyone, for a couple of reasons, but primarily I would say because you really need to appreciate getting filthy. Because that's gonna happen. I mean you are really going to get dirty. Did I say you're going to get dirty? You're really going to get dirty on these. And that's half the fun really. There's so much dirt if it's dry. If it's been raining, it's mud. So you have to have that kind of a attitude that you're going to be able to deal with that already before you go, because that's going to be a part of your trip. You certainly don't want to wear anything, any of your best clothes on this, we've got the red dirt on Kauai that'll really stain and make a mess. But most of the places that we have are going to give you some pullovers and that sort of thing that you can wear that can get dirty and you'll be grateful for that. There's also changing rooms as a rule and places you can wash up and get clean before you leave.

But in any event, the ATV tours are really a trip, really a lot of fun for the people who are looking for a little bit of adventure and have a need for a little speed, and Kauai is one of the best places that we have in all of Hawaii to do the ATV tours.

So if you have any questions about Tours or Activities in Hawaii, just give us a call or check out tombarefoot.com. We're here to help.

Hawaii ATV tours are exciting and they are a popular choice among all the Hawaii adventure tours! ATV tours on Hawaii are not considered particularly new as a category of activity but they did come out of obscurity in one instant in the 1990's and then spread like wildfire to all the major islands of Hawaii.

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The island of Oahu is a natural for ATV riders. The rugged outdoor environment is ideal for these four-wheeled vehicles and ATV's provide a means to explore areas of the island that would be out of the question for the average visitor.

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In the past All Terrain Vehicles (ATVs) were a popular way to get around on Maui, either on or off the road. These days the traffic laws do not permit ATV's to be ridden on the roads or highways and access to many private off road areas is limited.

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The ATV tours on the Big Island are among the most adventurous of the outdoor tours and activities available in Hawaii. The Big Island of Hawaii is the original site of the very first four- wheel ATV tours in the state, and that's not by accident.

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