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Kauai Air Tour (Airplane / Fixed Wing). Many are available at discount pricing.

Take a Kauai Air Tour and save money! Most people think of 'Helicopters' when they think of 'Kauai Air Tours', but maybe they should be thinking about a ''KAUAI AIRPLANE TOUR' instead. Imagine seeing the same areas from the air, but at half the price. Learn about the places your air tour will take you, examine the differences between airplane tours and helicopter tours and see for yourself the difference in price.

Where will a Kauai airplane tour take you?

The island of Kauai is essentially a big circle. Airplane tours will depart from the Lihue Airport area and take a circular pattern flying over south Kauai to the amazing Waimea Canyon (Grand Canyon of the Pacific) and then to the dramatic Na Pali Coast before taking you over east Kauai on your return route to the airport. 

How many passengers are seated in a Kauai Airplane Tour?

These air tours of Kauai generally take a maximum of six passengers but often a minimum of only two passengers. Private tour flights can take from one to as many as six passengers.

Should you choose a Kauai Helicopter tour or an 'Air Tour Kauai' flight on an airplane?

When people view our "Air Tour Kauai" category they generally think of helicopters, and rightly so, because the vast majority of sightseeing flights we have in Hawaii are on Helicopters. However everyone should also consider an airplane tour as well.

  • It is certainly true that helicopters have the capability to "hover", which is not in the arsenal of capabilities available to Kauai's fixed-wing airplane air tours. This may be a limiting factor but it may not be as significant a characteristic as you might first imagine.
  • We have flown on quite a number of fixed-wing tours as well as helicopters and on both it certainly could be said that you end up getting the "lay of the land". The fixed-wing airplanes generally fly a bit higher than their hovering counterparts but your overall impression on either upon your return is that you've had a great view of Kauai below. In fact we have taken quite a number of photos of island features from both types of aircraft and of many it can be said that it is literally impossible to determine the origin of the snapshot taken.
  • Occasionally it can even be suggested that the quality of the air tour we have taken was even higher on the fixed wing airplane than on certain helicopter flights. This can particularly be said with regard to private airplane flights when the client is able to direct the course of the flight to see the areas of highest interest to them.
  • One other important piece of the "fixed-wing" airplane flights or helicopter flights discussion is that the "airplane" option is often considerably less expensive. In addition, most of our airplane tour options also have discounted pricing.

Pride of America Cruise Ship:

For your Air Tour Kauai flights, cruise ship passengers are provided with free pick-up at the ABC store which is a very short walk or a short free shuttle ride from the cruise ship pier in Nawiliwili Harbor. These remarkable Air flights can be arranged for Thursday or Friday of your cruise ship schedule. Please book well in advance to assure availability.

Checkout Tom's Tips and Insights about Kauai Air Tours (Airplane / Fixed Wing)

Tom Barefoot's Tips
  • Tom's Tips - Kauai Air Tours

    Of all the Hawaiian Islands that offer sightseeing air tours on airplanes, Kauai is made to order. The size of the island is just perfect making it ideal for a normal 60 minute tour. You will see just about everything you want to in that period of time. And you won't be the first person to have discovered these great air tours as they are often booked up days in advance during the busy seasons. Not only will you be able to see the great sights of Kauai from the sky but the pricing will be more affordable than a helicopter... read more.

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Wings Over Kauai

2 Activity Options

Cessna 172 Skyhawk

Wings Over Kauai provides some remarkable advantages when comparing this aircraft to helicopters and other fixed-wing planes alike. First off, it will take just the two of you on their Cessna, making for an extremely personalized flight. Up to six passengers can be accommodated on their new AirVan.
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(10 Reviews, 4.9 Stars)

Air Ventures Hawaii

3 Activity Options

Fixed-Wing Air Tours

Viewing the island of Kauai from the air on Air Ventures special GA-8 AirVan will be a highlight of your vacation. These 6 passenger aircraft provide an individual 'bubble window' for each client and the two-way communication allows you to ask questions of the pilot during your tour. With pricing much lower than that of a helicopter you can get a great 'bang for your buck' on one of these memorable flights.
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Video Transcript

This little discussion will be about air tours on the island of Kauai.

We say "air tours." In this case we're talking about fixed-wing aircraft. There's also helicopters that certainly will go around and see Kauai. This little discussion is gonna be just focused on smaller fixed-wing aircraft that are touring aircraft that go around to see the island. "Are there any advantages," might be your first question, "about taking a fixed-wing aircraft to do this?" Yeah, there are. The very first thing is gonna be price. It costs less to see Kauai on a air tour then it's gonna be on a Helicopter. Considerably, really. Maybe 25% to 35% less in cost.

Are you giving anything up by taking one of these aircraft rather than a helicopter? Really, not too much. Helicopters definitely are different. They have different capabilities than you will find in fixed-wing aircraft. They have, obviously, the capability to hover. They can get into a little island niche somewhere, a valley, and hang out right there and stop and see things, and that is amazing. Absolutely amazing. However, as far as being able to pass by things and see things throughout the island, you're gonna really get an idea of what the island's all about in a fixed-wing aircraft.

The one thing I will say about Kauai is it is the perfect size for what is typically an hour tour, leaving from Lihue in the case of all the fixed wing. I don't think there's any that leave anywhere else. They can do pretty much a complete circle around the isle, then land back at the airport. In doing so, you're going really, really slow. This is about as slow as you can go without stalling out. You're typically gonna be leaving from Lihue and you're gonna be heading out to the north shore, but you're gonna be cutting through the island usually right at the Waimea Canyon, which is the Grand Canyon of the Pacific, is what it's referred to. Absolutely spectacular. Unbelievable to see that.

Just as you've seen everything about that, you get to the edge of the island right here and you're at the Napali Coastline, which is about this much of the area. It's about 11 miles. There's nothing there in terms of villages or people, that sort of thing. It's a sheer coastline that has cliffs that go straight down about 3,000 feet, just straight down to the ocean. It is one of the most dramatic, one of the most beautiful, incredible sights you will see on any form of air tour or Helicopter anywhere on the planet. It is one of the most beautiful, beautiful views you will find anywhere. You're gonna be seeing this always on any of the air tours. That's like Ground Zero in terms of where they wanna take you.

You'll see this, it'll be amazing. Then they'll come around. Sometimes they'll go around the full island in this direction. Other times, they'll cut in at Hanalei and Princeville and go across the island this way. You're gonna be seeing the vast majority of everything that the island has to offer in a 60-minute flight. It's gonna be well worth it in that regard. Other things, typically you're with small groups on these. Maybe you can have eight people or something like that on some of the trips, but many of them you go out with just couples, or maybe three, or two couples. Most of the time, you're gonna have a microphone, you'll be able to talk back and forth to the pilot, ask questions.

Some of them have little windows you can open up and get a camera up to it so you're not plastic in between you and whatever you're taking pictures of. That makes it really nice. They're usually a little bit more in the personalized area and you really get to know your pilot really well on these. You also are in a position, normally, where you're seated on one side of the aircraft or the other. They're usually such a small, narrow fuselage that you can just peek over on the other side and see things really, really well. If they're going in this direction, they're gonna try to put as many people as they can on the ... In this case it would be on the right side of the aircraft so you're always have a view looking down to the right. That really makes it nice.

All things considered, you're not really giving up much. When you've finished with your air tour, you're gonna feel like you know the island of Kauai a lot better. That's one of the things I would suggest for people, too, is that if you are gonna be doing this, to do it on your first or second day that you're here on the island, just so you can get an idea of how the island is laid out and what it looks like. In all your later days, when you're cruising around, you'll remember it and know how it was all laid out. Anyway, air tours on Kauai are definitely spectacular. You should consider that for sure when you're considering either a Helicopter or air tour. Just look into them both and see what the stories are and prices, and that sort of thing.

If you have any questions about Tours or Activities in Hawaii, just give us a call or check out TomBarefoot.com. We're here to help.

Hawaii air tours are fundamentally divided into two categories: Hawaii airplane tours, and helicopter tours. Because these two categories of aircraft are inexorably lumped together it is important to draw a comparison between the two because people always want a contrast to determine which might provide a better Hawaii air flight for them.

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This Air Tours category is not helicopters (that is listed below) but is fixed-wing sightseeing airplanes and glider rides.

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Less expensive than a helicopter, these fixed wing aircraft visit Maui from above.

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We describe 'air tours' here as sightseeing tours offered on a fixed wing aircraft. These can be less expensive than helicopter tours and still get you above the island to see the sights.

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