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Luaus on OahuHave the bus pick you up in Waikiki for the luaus and avoid the drive to Oahu's west and north shores.Luaus on Oahu

Luaus on OahuLuaus on Oahu
Luau at Sea Life ParkChief's Luau - Luau at Sea Life Park
Polynesian RevueGermaine's Luau - Polynesian Revue 1 Germaines Luau Videos Available
Polynesian RevueParadise Cove Luau - Polynesian Revue 1 Paradise Cove Luau Videos Available
Polynesian LuauPolynesian Cultural Center - Polynesian Luau 1 Polynesian Cultural Center Videos Available
LuauRoyal Hawaiian Luau - Luau
Rooftop LuauWaikiki Starlight Luau - Rooftop Luau 1 Waikiki Starlight Luau Videos Available
Best Oahu Sunset LuausBest Theatres and Shows in Oahu
Best Oahu Sunset LuausGo To Theatres and Shows in Oahu
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Oahu Luau – What’s the Best Oahu Luau Choice for You?

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Oahu Luaus have a rich tradition

In a real sense, the Oahu luau could be attributed with the distinction of being at the very heart and the very beginning of the visitor industry in the Hawaiian Islands. After all it was the luaus of Oahu that were a prominent feature in the first entertainment that was presented to the first visitors to the first hotels in Waikiki in the early 1900's. The luau tradition was transferred from the Hawaiian host culture to the visitors of the islands in ceremonies that forever established the luau as the quintessential Hawaiian activity. In the years since, those first Oahu Luaus have emanated outward to the neighbor islands but the original roots of the luau feasts enjoyed by Hawaii visitors have remained firmly entrenched in the history of twentieth century Oahu. Today's rich history of Oahu luaus has continued on with many luau feasts offered-up for the visitors enjoyment. Luaus still can be found in Waikiki but also elsewhere on the island and the luaus of Oahu still remain the premier activity appreciated by visitors to this island!

Oahu luaus are heavily steeped in Hawaiian history, Polynesian history, hula dancing and all facets of Hawaiian culture.

Oahu of course was the very first of the Hawaiian Islands to establish a tourist industry and since the quintessential Hawaiian form of entertainment is the luau feast, Oahu's luaus were the first to become known in Hawaii. Over the decades generations of visitors have attended Oahu luaus and certainly it could be said that your visit to Oahu would be incomplete without enjoying one of Oahu's wonderful luaus.

One unusual aspect of the luaus on Oahu is that many of the larger ones are located some distance from the tourist centers of Waikiki. As a result these Oahu luaus will all provide transportation "to and from" or if you have your own vehicle you could drive on your own. If you're looking for a luau within walking distance to your Waikiki hotel, that can be arranged as well as Waikiki Beach has had a rich tradition of providing luau entertainment for visitors since the early part of the nineteen-hundreds.

The Food Options at your Oahu Luau.
All of your Oahu luaus will provide the basics in terms of food preparation which are "by in large" traditional and are essential for any luau whether on Oahu or not. These staples in Oahu luau cuisine will first and foremost include the Kalua Pork which is prepared in the underground oven or "imu".

  • Early in the morning of the day of the Oahu luau a big pit is dug in the sand.
  • Kiawe logs (you might know them as Mesquite) are thrown in the bottom and lit on fire.
  • Into the fire are now placed large river rocks which will in turn get extremely hot and will contain the heat for many hours to come.
  • Over the hot rocks are placed freshly cut banana stalks and on those stalks is placed the pig over which are laid banana leaves and ti leaves to contain the moisture and steam produced from the juicy banana stalks.
  • The entire imu pit is then covered by a tapa cloth or tarp and then covered with sand so that no steam will escape.
  • At the time of your Oahu luau the pig is unearthed and the meat is so thoroughly cooked that it just falls away from the bone.

In addition to the pig your Oahu luau will also always include lomi lomi salmon, chicken long rice, poi, lau lau, haupia and other Hawaiian delicacies. Much of the food found at your Oahu luau may seem foreign to you but you should taste it all. There will also always be plenty of more familiar foods at your luau which will include salads of all kinds, fish, beef, chicken, breads, rice dishes and a variety of deserts. Generally there will also be a full complement of alcoholic beverages, beer, wine and mai tai's and fruit juices and soft drinks.

The Entertainment at your Oahu Luau.

  • The entertainment at your Oahu luau will take many forms but will of course always include the Hawaiian hula dancing. Many Oahu luaus will give you the opportunity to get up on stage and show off your newly acquired hula dancing skills which you will learn about and perfect right there on stage.
  • Hawaiian chanting and dancing will also be a large part of any Oahu luau and storytelling through the art of dance is an important part of the luau tradition.
  • Most Oahu luaus will also pay tribute to their Polynesian ancestors and neighboring island cousins as the song and dance of the various islands of Polynesia are performed on stage. You will enjoy performances from the cultures of the islands of Samoa, Fiji, New Zealand and Tahiti. As a finale to most Oahu luaus you will be treated to the Fire-Knife Dance from the island of Samoa and this is almost always the favorite of the children.

All Oahu luaus are held at sunset time and continue into the evening and are filled with the romance of the islands and its people. Whether you're a child or a senior citizen, just-married or celebrating your 65th, this evening will be a special one for you, and a uniquely Oahu experience.

Tom's Tips - Oahu Luaus

  • Hawaii is the only place you can attend an authentic Hawaiian luau, this is a "don't miss" on your list of things to do on Oahu.
  • If you don't take your children to anything else (especially if you have daughters), bring them to an Oahu luau. Children are often offered a special price.

Please keep in mind that the Polynesian Cultural Center is famous for more than simply their Oahu luau and hula show. The Polynesian Cultural Center is generally considered to be one of the biggest attractions in Hawaii. The various island cultures of Polynesia are displayed in a series of villages throughout the property. The luau is a big event in the evening but you are free to wander the villages (complete with guides if you'd like) throughout the afternoon.

Best Oahu Sunset LuausLuau Shows and Luau Dinners in Oahu - Options Below:
Chief's Luau

Only 25 minutes from Waikiki at Sea Life Park's private, stunningly scenic Makapu'u Meadows, join world famous Chief Sielu for a Hawaiian luau like none other. Interact up close and personal with your Pacific Island hosts with Hawaiian crafts, hula lessons, spear throwing, fire making, weaving, tattooing, and more. …(more info)
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(From: $76.40 - To: $138.48)
Germaine's Luau

It would be fair to say that Germaine's Luau is a tradition on Oahu. Generations of tourists have found their way to the oceanfront West Oahu location which serves as the gathering place for this true Hawaiian landmark. Food, dance and song are lavished upon you from the very beginning and the fun never stops until you're returned back to your hotel via the air-conditioned motor coach which provides round-trip transportation. Laughter is a big part of the evening here at Germaine's Luau so prepare yourself for a full dose. This will be one of your great evenings on Oahu!…(more info)
(From: $76.90 - To: $76.90)

Price Range:
(From: $76.90 - To: $76.90)
Paradise Cove Luau

The Paradise Cove Luau is the largest luau in the state of Hawaii. Prepare to be social for this one because the "aloha spirit" is alive and well at Paradise Cove. Every effort has been made to provide you with "all things Hawaiian" including various participatory games, demonstrations and the sharing of arts and crafts. The luau offers an option of choices of packages that include different seating arrangements, a variety of drinks and more. The grounds at their Ko Olina location are impeccably manicured providing a Hawaiian paradise playground suitable for the whole family. The Paradise Cove Luau being the very largest luau in the state of Hawaii can handle as many as twelve-hundred guests comfortably. Being on the western coast of the island you will need to drive about forty-five minutes from your hotel in Waikiki however pick-up can be arranged if you would like it. …(more info)
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(From: $71.63 - To: $146.13)
Polynesian Cultural Center

One of the most endearing programs at the Polynesian Cultural Center is the Luau they provide every night for their guests. This is one of a number of luaus that are available on the island of Oahu but this one has a reputation that extends well beyond the shoreline of Oahu. Luau's or various versions of them have been a staple in the fabric of Polynesian cultures for hundreds of years. The luau has been a ceremony of sorts that has welcomed happy or important events and the Hawaiians have really been the culture that has brought it to its fullest potential. In ancient Hawaii before contact with the western world these feasts were referred to as "aha'aina". These were simple ceremonies of celebrations that were intended to represent various milestones in the culture of those being celebrated. One of the earliest traditions of this in ancient Hawaii was (and still is) the special celebrations that are given when a baby reaches his first year of life. Graduations of certain individuals from certain endeavors and of course weddings were also considered to be "grist" for these "aha'aina" ceremonies. These early ceremonies were always very rich in symbolism and since various foods were such a prevalent and important aspect in the very existence of the culture the specific perceived attributes of the particular foods became the symbol for whatever ceremony was being performed. Somewhere in mid eighteen-hundreds these ceremonies became known more as "luaus" which most probably had its genesis in the name of the taro leaf which is often cooked at these gatherings and is usually cooked with spinach and other foods inside to produce a tasty delicacy. Now days, these feasts of old are almost always referred to as "luaus". The Ali'i Luau which occurs nightly at the Polynesian Cultural Center is based entirely on these ancient traditions of the early Hawaiians. Each luau will include the following: a flower lei greeting, Hawaiian music and entertainment, comfortable reserved seating, the "Ali'i" or royal court, authentic Hawaiian food served throughout the evening, the hula dance, multi-lingual hosts and hostesses, all you can eat buffets, and the all important "imu", or underground oven.…(more info)
(From: $31.95 - To: $194.95)

Price Range:
(From: $31.95 - To: $194.95)
Royal Hawaiian Luau

One of the most famous Hotels in all of Waikiki is the Royal Hawaiian Hotel, affectionately known in Hawaii as "the pink lady". The Royal Hawaiian hotel was in fact the very first hotel built on Oahu and in Waikiki. This is a fabulous location for one of the very best luaus you will find on Oahu, the Royal Hawaiian Luau. Not only do you have a great sense of history on your side when you choose to attend the Royal Hawaiian Luau but you don't have to traverse great distances across the island…(more info)
(From: $169.00 - To: $169.00)

Price Range:
(From: $169.00 - To: $169.00)
Waikiki Starlight Luau

The Waikiki Starlight Luau at the Hilton Hawaiian Village in Waikiki is an extraordinary rooftop luau. From the rooftop on the grounds of one of Oahu's premier deluxe hotels, the Waikiki Starlight Luau will provide you with an unobstructed view of the heavens above and delight in the worldly delights of the world below. Enjoy dinner and cocktails, a feast of tropical modern luau cuisine and the colorful heritage of the Pacific Islands. Join in the excitement of the celebration with live music, drums, the fiery drama of four fire knife dancers on stage as well as traditional Samoan, Tahitian and Hawaiian dance.…(more info)
(From: $94.55 - To: $119.38)

Price Range:
(From: $94.55 - To: $119.38)

Theatre and Show

Oahu is the home of many of the most famous theatres and shows including the Cirque Hawaii, Magic of Polynesia, and Society of Seven.
(From: $39.90 - To: $145.00)

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(From: $39.90 - To: $145.00)
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Best Luaus on Oahu - Luaus are the big attraction on Oahu. No question about it, luaus on Oahu are the single biggest event participated in by our island visitors. And why shouldn’t they be. This is the quintessential Hawaiian party and feast. You won’t find anything like it anywhere in the world. I always rationalize that I’ll be going out to eat somewhere that night anyway so for a little more why not include the show and the entire orchestrated event into the evening excitement. Oahu luaus are certainly among the most famous in the state. All provide transportation to and from and one, the Sea Life Park luau even includes entrance to the park and exhibits prior to the show and even for a month after the day of your big Hawaiian feast. Remember that luaus here are a must and they won’t let you back on the plane to go home if your passport is not stamped and validated by your luau provider. Just kidding, but you and your family and friends will love attending a luau while on your vacation to Oahu.

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