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ATV Off-Road Tours on OahuThe Kualoa Ranch on the eastern coast is the site of Oahu's only ATV rideATV Off-Road Tours on Oahu

ATV Off-Road Tours on OahuATV Off-Road Tours on Oahu
ATV ToursKualoa Ranch - ATV Tours
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Oahu ATV Tours and Off-Road ATV Adventures

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ATV's (All Terrain Vehicles) are perfectly suited as an adventure tour vehicle for the island of Oahu.

The island of Oahu is a natural for ATV riders. The rugged outdoor environment is ideal for these four-wheeled vehicles and ATVís provide a means to explore areas of the island that would be out of the question for the average visitor.

At the current time the only place offering ATV rides on the island of Oahu is at the Kualoa Ranch. If you had to pick a place to ride ATV's for its natural beauty however it would be here. The Kualoa Ranch covers an entire valley on Oahu's eastern shoreline and is rimmed with jagged ridges on all sides. The valley is perhaps the most prehistoric in appearance of all locations on Oahu and as such has been the filming destination of many of the blockbuster movies you are familiar with on the "silver screen". 

Riding ATV's in this environment is a natural as much of the floor of the valley is similar to ranchland and ATV's have replaced horses on many ranches of Hawaii as the vehicle of choice. You'll have a chance to enjoy some "ups and downs" on your ATV and there is a good possibility you might come back a bit more dusty (or muddy) than when you started. All in all, ATV riding here is a good time...............and did I mention, the ATV rides here are the only game in town.


Tom's Tips  - Oahu ATV Rides

  • ATV rides at Kualoa are a bit more "civilized" than in other spots in the islands.  These ATV rides are a bit more gentle than most.

  • Without question, riding ATV's on Oahu at Kualoa Ranch is one of the most beautiful choices of a place to ride in Hawaii.

  • Your ATV rides at Kualoa Ranch are generally offered in concert with other activities there as well.

Oahu ATV Off-Road TourOahu ATV Tours and ATV Rides in Oahu - Options Below:
Kualoa Ranch

Kualoa Ranch is one of the few spots on Oahu that offers ATV rides. This is the perfect place for an ATV ride. The Kualoa Ranch is truly one of the most beautiful places in all of Oahu. The ranch itself is actually one entire valley on Oahu's eastern coastline spanning between the "box canyon" walls in the back of the valley and rugged, jagged ridgelines on its sides and emptying at its mouth to the spectacular and scenic coastline with views of the island of "Chinaman Hat" and down the coast to Kaneohe Bay. This valley was undoubtedly a major population center in the days of the Hawaiians as it provided everything necessary to sustain life from abundant water supplies, to wild vegetation, to fields for agriculture, to wild animals and birds to eat, to fish and marine life at its shoreline. Your ATV rides will begin near the mouth of the valley and work their way inward with groups of perhaps ten or twelve separate ATV vehicles. You will progress a moderate distance into the valley and get a sense of its grand size and tremendous beauty. …(more info)
(From: $69.00 - To: $99.00)

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(From: $69.00 - To: $99.00)
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ATV Off-Road Tours in Oahu - In recent years there has been a lot of interest in ATV rides in Hawaii and ATV rides on Oahu have not gone unnoticed either. Much of the islands terrain is suitable for these vehicles but no other area is more perfect for an ATV excursion than Oahu's Kualoa Ranch. Kualoa Ranch has been the "shoot location" for some of Hollywood's biggest hit movies and this area, aside from being beautiful and picturesque, is also rugged and challenging and as a result is ideal for Oahu ATV's.

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