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Visit Molokai from MauiVisiting Molokai from Maui is like stepping back in history 50 years….. The pace is that of "Old Time Hawaii" and is a delight to experience!Visit Molokai from Maui

Visit Molokai from MauiVisit Molokai from Maui
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AccomodationsHotel Molokai - Accomodations
Adventures on island, all over MolokaiMolokai Outdoors - Adventures on island, all over Molokai
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Take the ferry to Molokai and enjoy a Molokai tour or fly in to the Kalaupapa Peninsula to visit the Molokai Leper Colony of Father Damien.

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Air Tour or Ferry When Touring Molokai?

The islands of Maui, Molokai and Lanai make up Maui County and Molokai is most easily visited via the Molokai ferry which departs from Lahaina harbor on Maui.

Of the three islands that make up Maui County, Molokai stands out as having the closest link to old Hawaii and samplings of this cultural heritage can best be understood when partaking in a Molokai tour option.

In many ways, landing on Molokai today is similar to arriving on Maui 25 or 30 years ago. The sleepy town of Kaunakakai, the un-crowded roadways, the country homes, the fishermen casting their nets, the pidgin English, the roadside churches of an era past, the community baseball games and canoe races, the small-town feeling where everyone knows everyone else - all contribute to a heartwarming, if not nostalgic, experience. For many years the "Molokai Ferry" has been our connection to the "Friendly Isle" of Molokai.


Ride over to Molokai on the Molokai Ferry and rent a car for the day. You can spend the day exploring at your own pace, visiting beautiful beaches, rainforests, picturesque shoreline, and historical sites. You might want to pick up a picnic lunch in town and enjoy it at a shoreline park or overlook. The day is yours and you can do whatever strikes your fancy.

Take a guided tour of Molokai. You'll be guided around the island of Molokai by a local who has probably spent a lifetime on Molokai. The things you will learn, the places you'll see, and the hospitality and local color provided by the driver make this a great choice for anyone who really wants to get acquainted with Molokai. This is the quickest way to understand the essence of Molokai, also known as the "Friendly Isle".
Would you like to stay a few days on Molokai? We can arrange your passage over by air or ferry and make hotel accommodations for you at the Hotel Molokai.

Molokai Leper Colony.  Father Damien of Molokai.

  • Tour Kalaupapa Peninsula, the site of Father Damien's leper colony. On the northern coastline of Molokai, sheer cliffs descend 2,000 feet to the lovely and isolated peninsula that served as home to Hawaii's leper colony last century. Even though "Hansen's Disease" has been arrested in modern times, this is still the home of the few remaining patients.

  • Tours of Kalaupapa are given Monday-Saturday. The narrative is so informative, so touching and so steeped in the dramatic history of the era, we guarantee you will be moved by the experience.

  • The best way to visit the Kalaupapa Peninsula is by airplane on one of our special Molokai tours.  Few adventures in Hawaii are as unusual as this experience at Kalaupapa.

Tom's Tips  - The Island of Molokai

  • If you're staying on Maui an planning to visit Father Damien's Leper Colony on Molokai the easiest way to do it is to take one of the flight-seeing tours from Maui.  The tour will give you great views of the spectacular cliffs of Molokai from the air and also include a great 4 hour tour of the colony itself. 

  • The Hotel Molokai is your best bet for any type of night life or entertainment on Molokai.

  • The Molokai Princess one-day round trip ferry from Maui plus a car is a good way to see the top-side of Molokai.  You won't however be able to drive down to Kalaupapa.

  • Molokai Sweet Bread is a delicacy that can be found at the bakery in Kaunakakai.

 Molokai Tours and ActivitiesMolokai Tours and Molokai Trips From Maui - Options Below:
Hawaii Expedition and Adventures

Hawaii Expedition and Adventures offers a scenic air tour and informative ground tour of the original Leper Colony. They are devoted to bringing people who are truly interested in knowing about the history of Kalaupapa and the legacy of the work that Father Damien left behind. Tour is conducted in one of the old school buses escorted and narrated by one of the residents of Kalaupapa. To visit Kalaupapa and Kalawao today is truly a unique experience.…(more info)
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(From: $389.00 - To: $389.00)
Hotel Molokai

Do you want to escape to Molokai and not come back for a few days? Hotel Molokai has oceanfront, garden view, and deluxe bungalow style garden view rooms. They are located on the southern shore of Molokai right on the water. At Hotel Molokai you will be introduced to the Molokai style of living that embraces a life that moves at a slower pace. Minutes from quaint Kaunakakai Town, and set on Kamiloloa Beach, Hotel Molokai sets the mood for an island adventure. Travel down the road into old Hawaii. Discover sprawling grasslands, old churches, and ancient fish ponds, all parts of Molokais' past that's alive in the present. This hideaway offers Polynesian style accommodations featuring color televisions and private lanais. Some units also offer kitchenettes. Small meetings accommodate up to fifty, and wedding services are also available. For a real outdoor adventure take the Kalaupapa Trail by guided mule or guide. Hike, swim, dive or simply relax and soak up the Molokai sun. The Oceanfront Dining Room and Lounge at Hotel Molokai is a great place to gather and sample some of the island cuisine. At nighttime it also is a good place to meet some local characters (it is one of the few bars on the island) and get a better feel of the islands culture.…(more info)
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(From: $148.90 - To: $214.90)
Molokai Outdoors

Molokai Outdoors is a provider of a variety of different activity packages for those that are visiting Molokai for the day that include roundtrip transportation from Lahaina. Molokai Outdoors also has packages for those that are staying multiple nights on Molokai that need pick up locally. Take a tour around the islands highlights with a local guide and learn some history about the different locations you're visiting. See the Kalaupapa Lookout, the Halawa Valley and the southern coastline. Or, if you feel like a bit of physical exertion then try going on one of their kayaking trips through the shallow reefs and fish ponds that dot the southern coastline of the island. Regardless of which package you choose the staff of Molokai Outdoors will be there to offer their friendly assistance every step of the way.…(more info)
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(From: $67.90 - To: $146.90)
Molokai Princess

The Hawaii Ocean Project has been the provider of ferry service from Lahaina Harbor, Maui to Kaunakakau Harbor, Molokai for years. They have a fleet of large vessels that make the trip across the channel six days a week. There are a variety of options to choose from for things to do once you're on Molokai. Some of the more popular are the Cruise/Drive Package and the Ali'i Tour. The Ali'i Tour is a guided tour that will pick you up from the harbor and take you all around Molokai showing you the sights of the island. Local guides that were born and raised on Molokai lead the Ali'i Tour. Their local perspective and the stories they share will undoubtedly leave you with a greater understanding of the culture and history of the island then if you went by yourself. However, if you do want to tour the island by yourself they have the option of including a rental car so you can be on your own to explore the sights of Molokai. The sandy beaches on the southern shore are a popular attraction as well as the Kaunakakai Lookout and Papohaku Beach. Papohaku Beach is the longest white sand beach in Hawaii measuring in at about three miles long. A word of caution about Papohaku Beach, this beach is very beautiful but it is very dangerous for water activities. The beach can appear to be completely sand but in fact it has a limestone shelf running close to shore along the entire beach that can suddenly become exposed in the shorebreak and cause severe injury to swimmers.…(more info)
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(From: $218.90 - To: $218.99)
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Molokai Tours and Molokai Activities - Molokai is one of the three major islands which make up Maui County and as such we have transportation via ferry or air that connects Maui to Molokai on a daily basis. Molokai really is a different world, its like a sleepy hamlet compared to the bustle on Maui. Upon a return of even one day on Molokai I am always shocked, in the sense of waking up from a daydream when I arrive back on Maui. Tne of the best ways to see Molokai is to take the ferry over and then hook up with a tour driven by a Molokai native that escorts you to the major points of interest. If you’d like to tour on your own you can also take a ferry over and we can arrange for your rent-a-car. One of the most exciting and rewarding tours you can take to Molokai however are the tours that we have that go over to Father Damien’s Leper Colony on Kalaupapa. This of course was the famous leper colony that was established on the isolated Kalaupapa Peninsula on the remote and beautiful North Shore of the island in the mid eighteen hundreds. Once this was home to hundreds of leperacy patients and their story was one of heartbreak, compassion, dedication and exceptional love and beauty. The peninsula is just as isolated today as it was in those times and you must come in by small plane or come down the sheer 2000’ cliffs on the back of a mule. Both ways are exciting, and I would recommend either, although if you chose the mule ride option you would have to be spending the night before on the island as it leave too early for us to get you there with arrival on the same day. Once at Kalaupapa you will be taken on a 4 hour tour of the entire peninsula and you will come away with an understanding of life during those times. If you have the time and interest, I would highly recommend the journey.

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