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Surfing Lessons on KauaiI stood up three times on my first surfing lesson on Kauai. Give it a try!Surfing Lessons on Kauai

Surfing Lessons on KauaiSurfing Lessons on Kauai
Stand Up PaddlingAlii Kayaks - Stand Up Paddling
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Kauai Surfing Lessons and Surf Schools

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Kauai Surf Lessons will provide the gateway for you to enter the fun and exciting world of Kauai surfing!

Surfing was a sport of the ancient Hawaiians and due in large part to the popularity of surf lessons on Kauai offered by a variety of Kauai surf schools it even more popular on Kauai today. Kauai’s abundant coastline offers big waves for surfing veterans and Kauai surfing spots suitable for beginners

It is believed that the sport of surfing has been around for thousands of years as practiced by the Western Polynesians.  Perhaps the ancient fisherman of those times used the waves to carry them back to shore with their catch.  At some point however the art of surfing for the pure pleasure of it came about and the golden heyday of surfing was practiced on these very shores of Kauai in the years following the 4th century AD which was believed to be the timing of the first islanders to arrive from Polynesia.  From that point forward surfing became a highly specialized Hawaiian sport and indeed the best surf breaks on Kauai were reserved for the "Alii" class and Kauai surfing became the "sport of kings". 

Today Kauai surfers can be found riding various surf breaks with various degrees of difficulty throughout Kauai.

  • Some of Kauai's surf breaks can be enormous as the winter swells break on the northern sides of the island
  • There are also waves that are consistently suitable to learn to surf and the many Kauai surfing schools offer surfing lessons to the uninitiated.

Many Hawaii surfing schools will boast that anyone can be riding the surf in just one lesson and that indeed, was the case when my son Jake tried surfing the first time. This, however, was not my experience on my first surfing adventure. I had a great time, but I was still "wave surfing illiterate" after my first attempts. Just recently on a visit to Kauai however, I gave surfing another try and indeed I was able to stand up three or four times during my two-hour surf lesson.

Kauai has many surfing schools and there is one that will suit your experience-level just perfectly.  Some of Kauai's surf instructors  have been on the professional surfing tour circuit and are great surf instructors providing surfing lessons on Kauai for both beginners and advanced surfers.

Kauai Stand-up paddle-surfing is probably the fastest growing of all the "action sports" on Kauai.

  • Stand-up paddle surfing is fun and is easy to learn.  It is also one of the very best ways to get into and stay in shape.  It works the core of the body as well as the arms and legs and is a great way to exercise.

Tom's Tips  - Kauai Surfing Lessons and Kauai Surf Schools

  • The easiest time to learn to surf is when you are a child so this would be the time to set your children up for a Kauai surf lesson
  • The Kauai surf schools will know the very best places for beginning surfers with the very best beginner surf
  • Stand-up paddle-surfing is easy to pick up.  You will be a pro in no time!
Kauai Surfing LessonsSurfing Lessons and Surfing in Kauai - Options Below:
Alii Kayaks

Learn how to do Stand Up Paddling with Alii Kayaks local guides - conveniently located at Wailua River this is the ideal place to take a lesson or rent a board and enjoy some fun time on the water. This area was once the home of the Hawaiian Royalty, or Alii, and this is a very sacred area to the Hawaiian people. …(more info)
(From: $28.80 - To: $28.80)

Price Range:
(From: $28.80 - To: $28.80)
Aloha Surf Lesson

The Aloha Surf School is an excellent choice to choose for your surf lesson because the majority of their instructors are currently or have been in the past, on the professional surf circuit. My experience has been that not only are they excellent surfers in their own right but that they are able to translate the "how to" part of the skills to their clients. These lessons are generally taught in the Poipu area in a spot just perfect for beginners where there seems to always be enough of a gentle swell to propel the novice surfer to the shoreline. As a result of the excellent instruction of Aloha Surf School most beginners are able to stand up during their first session and feel like a champ. The warm waters of Kauai offer a wonderful location to learn to surf. …(more info)
(From: $71.90 - To: $143.90)

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(From: $71.90 - To: $143.90)
Hawaiian Surfing Adventures

Hawaiian Surfing Adventures is a surf school on Kauai that generally operates near the pier off Hanalei Bay. This is truly one of the better spots to learn to surf and Hawaiian Surfing Adventures does a great job getting people up during their first lesson. The company is owned by Lynn and Mitchell Alapa. Mitchell was born and raised of Hawaiian ancestry and he has been surfing his whole life. Though having his roots on Oahu's North Shore, he has lived on Kauai since he was two years old. Growing up in the small town of Anahola, he had access to some of the best surfing Hawaii has to offer. He is a very fun person to be around and his knowledge of Hawaii and the ocean will put even the most timid at ease and he is great with kids. The warm water off Kauai makes it an ideal place to learn how to surf. Each new client is trained on the beach prior to getting in the water so you can get a grip on all the fundamentals and the next step would have you moving out into the surf with your instructor. Patience and encouragement are the keys to success in this business and Hawaiian Surfing Adventures instructors have ample amounts of both.…(more info)
(From: $51.90 - To: $187.90)

Price Range:
(From: $51.90 - To: $187.90)
Kauai Surf School

If you are staying on the south side of the island of Kauai and are interested in taking a surfing lesson you might want to check out the Kauai Surf School. The Kauai Surf School offers surfing lessons for all levels, beginner to advanced. Classes are small and personalized and have students surfing in no time. Each two hour class includes one-half hour dry-land lesson, one-half hour water lesson and 1 hour catching waves with an instructor. Morning or afternoon lessons available. Kauai Surf School is based in Poipu and this is one of the very best places to learn to surf because the waves here are very consistent and generally somewhat on the small side. The ocean bottom here is for the most part sand bottom and so the whole experience is unintimidating for the uninitiated. This is the coastline where I was first able to "get up" on a surfboard so it holds fond memories for me.…(more info)
(From: $71.90 - To: $229.90)

Price Range:
(From: $71.90 - To: $229.90)
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Kauai Surfing Lessons - Surfing, known as the sport of Kings, actually was born over 3000 years ago in Western Polynesia by fisherman who discovered the art of catching waves on driftwood allowing them to travel with there “catch” on the fast track to the beach. At some point the Polynesians began simply riding the waves for the pleasure of it and surfing, in its rudimentary form, came into being.

It is estimated that the Hawaiians practiced the art of surfing for a few hundred years after their arrival from the south seas and somewhere in or before the 1700’s expanded the skill level of the sport to include standing on the board. By this time the art of wave riding had totally permeated the Hawaiian culture and the Hawaiian royalty or Alii made it a sport of their own. Many of the best surf spots were reserved exclusively for this social class and regular Hawaiians were excluded from participating. Surfboard making took on a sacred or spiritual evolution and only special trees were picked to make the boards. From these Polynesian roots the sport of surfing has evolved to be the quintessential Hawaiian activity.

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