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Sailing Charters on KauaiSail and snorkel with some of our finest boats!Sailing Charters on Kauai

Sailing Charters on KauaiSailing Charters on Kauai
63Blue Dolphin - 63' two-tiered Catamaran 1 Blue Dolphin Videos Available
55Captain Andy's Sailing Adventures - 55' Gold Coast Yachts 2 Captain Andys Sailing Adventures Videos Available
Lucky LadyKauai Sea Tours - Lucky Lady' 60' Sailing, Power Catamaran 2 Kauai Sea Tours Videos Available
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Kauai Sailing Tours and Sailing Charters

(From: $73.90 - To: $158.90)

Sailing Tours and Charters on Kauai are delightful.

Kauai sailing tours are among the most serene, relaxing and meditative tours that Kauai has to offer.  Kauai sailing tours can also be among the most exciting, adventure full and thrilling tours that Kauai has to offer.

Kauai's coastline is both varied and beautiful ranging from the more gentle inlets and coves of the Poipu and south shore region to the dramatic, isolated and incredible shoreline of the Na Pali Coast. Kauai has a number of sailing boats and sailing charters offering sailing trips that traverse the Kauai shoreline which is often teeming with marine life. Dolphins are very often a part of the marine landscape on many of the sailing charters and the whales seen off the Kauai coast during whale season are often many more than the island is generally given credit for. Many snorkeling areas also include extensive coral reefs and a full complement of reef fish.

Kauai sailing trips can often be more robust than those on other islands as Kauai is the first island to intercept the stiff trades that blow from the North East. Because many of the sailboats on island are also used for snorkeling please check with our snorkeling section of the site for additional details.

Tom's Tips - Kauai Sailing Tours and Kauai Sailing Charters:

  • A hat with a strong chin strap is a great idea in the tropical heat and strong Kauai winds of an afternoon sail.
  • Keep one hand on some part of the vessel at all times. Sometimes you'll need both.
  • Want to take the helm? Don't be afraid to ask. Many captains will be happy to let you take over on your Kauai sailing charter.
  • Looking for a real exciting Kauai sailing tour and charter?  Mid-afternoons provide the stiffest winds - check those out first.
Kauai Sailing Tours and ChartersSailing Tours and Sailing Charters in Kauai - Options Below:
Blue Dolphin

Why not include the excitement of sailing on your ocean adventure of Kauai. Blue Dolphin Charters offers a selection of ocean going vessels that ply the waters off the rugged and beautiful coastline of Kauai. The element of sailing adds that special dimension to any of Blue Dolphins ocean-going ventures which may include snorkeling, sunset sails, dinner cruises, trips to the Na Pali Coast, tours to the island of Niihau and even whale watching. Any time there is wind on the ocean, there is an opportunity to sail and it really adds so much to the overall Blue Dolphin experience. Although wind used for sailing can occur during any time of the day on Kauai, the mid afternoons usually provide the stiffest sailing conditions and usually abate somewhat as sunset approaches. Quite often the more gentle breezes caused by the temperature differential between land and sea as sunset approaches are nature's way of ending a day well spent at sea. …(more info)
(From: $131.90 - To: $249.90)

Price Range:
(From: $131.90 - To: $249.90)
Captain Andy's Sailing Adventures

If you're looking to do some sailing during your visit to Kauai, Captain Andy's Sailing Adventures may be just the boat you are looking for. These fully-rigged, custom designed, half-million dollar vessels are capable of achieving speeds of up to twenty knots. The fact that Captain Andy's sailing vessels have the capability to sail means that sailing may become a part of any tour they offer including their snorkeling tours, dinner cruises, sunset sails or whale watches. These luxurious sailing boats have been "ocean tested" since their very incarnation having traveled half the distance around the world from where they were build in the Virgin Islands. They are certified by the coastguard to be able to sail with clients up to twenty miles off Kauai's shores.…(more info)
(From: $73.90 - To: $158.90)

Price Range:
(From: $73.90 - To: $158.90)
Kauai Sea Tours

The sixty-foot custom built power sailing catamaran called the "Lucky Lady", operated by Kauai Sea Tours is a great boat upon which to sail off the coast of Kauai. The Lucky Lady is a site to behold when under full sail with its beautiful white sails unfurled and snapped tight by the prevalent trade winds. The boat was designed to sail in these waters and all its features were detailed to provide the most in comfort, safety and speed. Although the boat is built to accommodate as many as ninety passengers there are only forty-nine permitted on board so there will be plenty of room for everyone to spread out. The Lucky Lady has two decks. The upper deck is great for soaking up the sun and for getting a view from a higher vantage point and the lower deck is shaded for those trying to avoid the rays of the sun. The trampolines on the forward portion of the lower deck are a great place to sun bathe as well and are a fun place to experience a swift ocean sail. There are two restrooms on board, freshwater showers, a buffet and service bar, some easy enter swim platforms and also a "totally fun" water slide.…(more info)
(From: $105.90 - To: $136.90)

Price Range:
(From: $105.90 - To: $136.90)
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Our discounts do not require coupons, the purchase of a discount card, or joining a budget wholesale club. When we say discount we really mean discount.

Kauai Sailing Charters and Kauai Sailing Tours - As you are certainly aware, the Hawaiian Islands are surrounded by ocean. In fact they’re surrounded by a lot of ocean - essentially 2000 miles worth in every direction. It’s no surprise then that the earliest Polynesian peoples to arrive here in Hawaii from the “South Seas” came to the islands on sailing ships or catamarans. Since those early days “sailing” has been an integral part of the Hawaiian experience. These days we still have sailing vessels that ply the waters off the coast of Kauai. Many sail in conjunction with other marine endeavors such as snorkeling or whale watching and the ones that offer a glimpse of the Na Pali Coast as well are perhaps my favorite.

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