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Fishing Charters on KauaiThe water is so deep off certain harbor locations on Kauai that the deep sea fishing starts just moments after leaving the harbor.Fishing Charters on Kauai

Fishing Charters on KauaiFishing Charters on Kauai
31Deep Sea Fishing Kauai - 31' Bertram Sportfisher
41Explore Kauai Sport Fishing - 41' Concorde Sportfisher
Fishing BoatsKoloa Bass Fishing - Fishing Boats 1  Videos Available
34Lahela Sport and Bottom Fishing - 34' Sportfisher
34NaPali Sport Fishing - 34' Power Catamaran
Sport Fishing Charters and Deep Sea Fishing Charters on Kauai Watch Videos - Click Here

Kauai Sport Fishing Charters and Deep Sea Fishing Charters

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Kauai Sport Fishing Charters are a good choice for Deep Sea Fishing because of the deep waters right off the coast.

Kauai sport fishing is considered by many of the fishing charter boats of Kauai to be some of the best to be found in the islands.  The reasons have to do with the natural underwater topography of the island itself.  Kauai sits by itself on the northern extremes of the Hawaiian Islands and not only is it surrounded by water in all directions but it is surrounded by deep water.  The big game fish pursued by Kauai sport fishing charters often come from these deep waters and the water off Kauai gets surprisingly deep very close to the shoreline.  In the area off the coast of Port Allen for instance, which is the departure point of many of Kauai's sport fishing charters the sea bottom will drop off 1000' in a matter of just one-quarter mile off shore, then drop again to 3000' within a mile off shore and then to 6000' just three miles off shore.  This brings the possibility of finding the very largest fish within minutes of  your Kauai sport fishing departure. 

Information Related to Fishing Charters on Kauai
How likely are we to catch fish on a Kauai fishing charter?

Kauai's remoteness, and being the first major island to be found over thousands of miles of oceans in the North and West Pacific basin, coupled with the fact that it is surrounded by extremely deep waters on all sides makes it somewhat of a magnet for deep sea and big game sport fish such as the Pacific Blue Marlin, the Skipjack and Yellow Fin Tuna, the Mahi Mahi or Dolphin Fish, the Ono also known as Wahoo and other sport fish and big game fish of the Pacific.

Tom's Tips  - Kauai Sport Fishing and Deep Sea Fishing Charters

  • A variety of Kauai deep sea fishing boats and Kauai sport fishing charters will provide options for both trolling and bottom fishing. Many Kauai fishing boats will make use of light, medium and heavy tackle as well as custom local lures and live bait. State of the art fish finders and GPS systems are also commonly included. Most boats will be found departing from either Nawiliwili or Port Allen boat harbors and specialty trips can often be arranged to troll the waters off the island of Niihau.
  • If the big fish aren't running on a sport fishing charter a good choice is bottom fishing.  You almost most always catch fish on these though they are much smaller.
  • The topography of the island of Kauai makes it a special place to hire a boat for sport fishing. As mentioned above the extremely deep water surrounding the island and sharp and steep pinnacled underwater cliffs make the area just off Kauai’s coast reminiscent of the Grand Canyon. As a result, marlin, mahi-mahi, ahi and ono are often found just off the harbor entrances and often within a mile of your departure point.

Kauai Fishing ChartersKauai Sport Fishing Charters, Kauai Deep Sea Fishing Charters - Options Below:
Deep Sea Fishing Kauai

Many fishermen think that the 31' Bertram fishing vessel is the perfect fishing boat for Kauai. The one used by Deep Sea Fishing Kauai is perhaps even more ideal. Not only is it a perfect size to manage the often compressed wave crests ricocheting through Kauai's channels but it is also a "flat-out" rocket capable of traveling 30 to 35 nautical miles per hour. This extreme speed allows it to travel long distances in search of fish. It will often travel the distance to the island of Niihau or easily travel all the way to the stunning cliffs of NaPali. This being said however it is important to note that the sea area immediately adjacent to its Port Allen departure is already a great spot for catching fish as the sea bottom drops off 1000' within a quarter mile, 3000' within a mile and 6000' within three miles of the harbor.---------------- Capt Jude has tons of experience fishing on Kauai and had been a commercial fisherman off these same waters for seven years prior to opening his charter fishing company Deep Sea Fishing Kauai. If there is any specific attribute he seems to have it is his commitment to make your experience aboard his boat the very best it can be. He will discuss with each party their expectations for the day and together they will make a game plan of what fish they will attempt to catch and where they will go to find them. He will even combine the spectacular sightseeing of the Na Pali coast with your fishing excursion if you desire and he is willing to do some bottom fishing in addition to the sport fishing if that is your style. His success rate is about 90% and he will do what it takes to make sure you're a happy camper upon your return.…(more info)
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(From: $143.66 - To: $1,409.90)
Explore Kauai Sport Fishing

Explore Kauai Sport Fishing features "Happy Times" a beautiful, convertible 41' Concorde Sportfisher that can accommodate up to 6 passengers with all the trimmings for a 4, 6 or 8 hour custom charter. This is one of the most stately and beautiful boats on the leeward side of the island. She has a forward stateroom with bunks, a marine head and a spacious galley area. She is also equipped with top of the line reel and rod equipment. Catch is shared at the discretion of the captain. The location of "Happy Times" on the island is ideal. The Port Allen departure point is an area of the island that is almost always sunny with generally near flat ocean conditions. Better conditions generally translate into a greater likelihood of the boat not being cancelled for inclement weather.…(more info)
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(From: $139.90 - To: $949.90)
Koloa Bass Fishing

Koloa Bass Fishing is a great activity for the whole family to experience and enjoy on the Waita Reservoir, where you have the opportunity to go fresh water fishing, with catch and release style, for Tilapia, Big Mouth Bass and Peacock Bass (akaTucunare). Kauai ATV offers these fishing excursions on a 2 passenger or 6 passenger guide driven boat or a 2 seater electric guest driven boat. …(more info)
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(From: $112.90 - To: $112.90)
Lahela Sport and Bottom Fishing

The Lahela Ocean Adventure's boat, the 34' Radon Sport Fisher "Lahela" offers some of the most professional fishing to be found on the island of Kauai. This boat is first class and boast a salon complete with a full stand-up head with hot and cold running water. Lahela's interior seating is for 5 passengers and two V- berths forward allow for short naps when you need one. There's even an outdoor fresh/salt water shower for cooling off after your big battle. --------------- Ultimately though the worth of a fishing boat has to do with the captain and Lahela Ocean Adventures has 3 great ones. The company owner is Capt. Scott Akana. Deep sea fishing since he was six years old he has an extensive background in commercial fishing which separates him from most others. Capt. Howard Singer has been fishing on Maui and Kauai since 1990 and has a particular talent in assisting the novice angler. Capt. Darrin Auger is the first person in the world on record to single-handedly spear a 170lb blue marlin. He is an accomplished big wave tow-in surfer and a blue water free diver which adds to his expertise as a fishing boat captain. (Seasonal) The Lahela is a fishing boat in her normal life but during whale season in the winter months can double as a whale watching boat for private parties of up to six passengers. The boat is obviously fast, being a sport fishing boat, which makes it ideal for traveling between whale sightings when they "sound" or dive. If you like the idea of just taking out a boat for only your own group, this would be a great choice.…(more info)
(From: $62.50 - To: $1,350.00)

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(From: $62.50 - To: $1,350.00)
NaPali Sport Fishing

Na Pali Sport Fishing Chartes is a boat company that offers big game sport fishing off the coast of Kauai and in particular the Na Pali Coast. Na Pali Sport Fishing Charters uses a thirty-four foot Baja Cruiser power catamaran with six separate Penn International fishing poles run at a time. The departure point for these charters is the small boat harbor of Kikiaola which is located somewhat north of Port Allen Harbor and thus nearer the Na Pali Coast. Though fishing could be good at any spot along this coastline it is also good at Na Pali itself and the amazing coastline views of Na Pali make it a perfect place to speed off to and spend a great day fishing. The various fish that can be caught in these waters will vary with the season but there is generally ample skipjack tuna, yellowfin tuna, ono, mahi mahi, opakapaka and of course everybody's favorite big game fish, the Pacific Blue Marlin. …(more info)
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(From: $123.90 - To: $1,007.90)
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Kauai Sport Fishing Charters - Kauai is a bit of a “sleeper” when it comes to fishing. It doesn’t have the largest fleet on the islands but the fishing, none the less is very good here and the boats are often booked days in advance. This is largely because the drop-off from the shoreline is almost immediate creating the type of environment that the Mahi Mahi, Ono and Ahi like to run in. In fact, the actual fishing grounds from the Kauai harbors are within 10 minutes of the harbors themselves so, unlike some other islands of the Hawaiian chain, you don’t have to travel miles to begin your fishing. The extra bonus you receive from fishing Kauai is the actual island itself. I don’t believe that I would be in error by suggesting that there may be no more beautiful island to be viewed from the ocean then the island of Kauai.

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