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Parasailing on HawaiiI must admit, a 1200' parasail flight is pretty exciting…….Parasailing on Hawaii

Parasailing on HawaiiParasailing on Hawaii
ParasailingUFO Parasail - Hawaii - Parasailing 1 UFO Parasail - Hawaii Videos Available
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Big Island of Hawaii Parasailing

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Big Island of Hawaii parasailing offers an exciting way to enjoy the waters off of Kona.

Parasailing is the perfect Hawaii activity for anyone – young or old!

Information Related to Parasailing on Hawaii
Parasailing during whale season?

For excitement, choose the "touch and go." On the way down, instead of just reeling you onto the boat they let you linger awhile above the ocean surface - just before they dunk you. Wet, wild, and screaming at the top of your lungs, you emerge, no worse off for the refreshing plunge.

Too exciting for you? Let the captain know before you go up and you'll have a safe, dry return to the boat.

The Hawaiian parasail ride is taken in a harness, leaving your legs free to dangle. People take a while to decide what to do with their hands. At first hands are clenched but after a few minutes they realize it makes absolutely no difference whether they're holding on or not and they begin to relax and appreciate the whole experience.

The parasail flight lasts about ten minutes (ten minutes up there is longer than you think) and the flights go as high as 25 to 50 stories above the surface of the ocean. This varies depending on the wind and weather conditions and on the weight of the parasailer.

Frequently Asked Questions - Parasailing on the Big Island of Hawaii:

  • How strong are the lines that pull the parasail?
    The lines used provide an "overkill" of strength. They can withstand pressure of 10,000 pounds on each pull but the average pull rarely exceeds 800 pounds.
  • How do we land?
    Years ago in Hawaii all parasail companies landed on a floating barge that required great skill and considerable luck to land you back on. Today's Big Island Parasail boats use a winch system to real you gently back onto the platform on the back of the boat.
  • What is the price difference if you fly alone or with someone else? Prices are the same, regardless of whether you ride alone or with someone else.
  • Can observers travel on the boat with the parasailers?
    Yes. Assuming there is enough room on the boat not taken up by parasail flyers.
  • Is it required that you be able to swim?
    No. Life vests are worn by all participants and in the unlikely event you would end up in the water you will be able to float.
  • What is the age requirement?
    Children need to be three years old in order to parasail.
  • How about weights?  Are there any weight restrictions:
    You have to be 130 lbs to fly alone. Maximum weight per flight is 450 lbs. 
  • Can we take pictures of our flight?
    Yes. Someone in your party can take photos of you from the boat or you can purchase professionally taken photos of your flight from the crew.


Tom's Tips  - Big Island of Hawaii Parasailing

  • Some times of the year can be busier than others.  In the summer months you should reserve your flights early.
  • Your boat captain will probably ask you if you want a "touch and go".  What that means is that if you wish, he will touch your feet (maybe more) into the water for a moment before he accelerates you back into the sky.
  • Big Island parasail adventures occur all year long on the Big Island of Hawaii where as on Maui they are seasonal.
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UFO Parasail - Hawaii

UFO Parasail on the Kona Coast of the Big Island of Hawaii offers you the opportunity, thrill and adventure of essentially "flying" along this beautiful coastline.  Rides can vary in length of tow rope used to be as little as eight-hundred feet to as long as twelve-hundred feet in length.  Parasailing on the Big Island is done virtually every week of the year as compared to its counterpart on Maui which closes for the winter during whale season. Flights can be either single or in tandem with a friend and the boats here make use of a winch system in which you are reeled out from a platform on the back of the boat and then reeled back in to a safe landing right back onto the boat. You'll never even get wet, unless you ask the captain for a "dunk and go" on the way down.  Not only can you enjoy your parasail adventure with UFO Parasail but you can also bring passengers or observers on board as well to partake in all the fun.  These groups are small and personalized as they accommodate a maximum of only six persons per tour.…(more info)
(From: $64.90 - To: $78.90)

Price Range:
(From: $64.90 - To: $78.90)
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Big Island of Hawaii Parasailing - Unlike the island of Maui, parasail season on the Big Island is a year round event and parasailing has been a staple activity on the Big Island for over 20 years. It’s an activity that all age groups can participate in but it has particular appeal for the young so you might consider organizing a flight if you have children in your party. Recently I have been interested in learning a bit about the origins of parasailing which I found intriguing. If you have an interest as well, here’s what I found out. It seems that in the early 60’s, a parachute instructor named Piere Lamoigne (Lam mone) devised a less expensive way to teach the sport of parachuting by devising a way of raising a parachute by pulling it behind a car. They would raise them to a certain height and then cut them free. This was then called Parascending. In mid 1961 the Pioneer Parachute Company started making these special chutes under the protected name “Parasail”.In the early 70’s an entrepreneur named Mark McCulloh decided to move the new invention from the back of a car to the back of a boat and parasailing as we know it was born. The first parasail companies actually took clients off the beach and landed them back on the beach after the ride. The landing part often had a lot to do with the wind at the time of landing and the expertise of the boat handler to maneuver the parasail back to shore. The next generation of companies, which were the kind that were first used here on Maui were launched from a stationary platform on the ocean. The parasailor was asked to brace himself on the platform until the line was taunt and then resist the pull of the “lift boat” until he began to be pulled and then make a jump for the sky. This worked, mostly, except for the occasional person being drug on his knees along the Astroturf platform or being simply popped off the platform and into the water. This unfortunately was my first experience with the sport of parasailing. The return trip was even more exciting as the boat captain attempted to land you back on the platform with crew members scampering to catch you as you came down. Now days things are much better. The lift boats simply have the launch platform attached to the back of the boat and you are gently winched up into the sky and of course reeled right back into the boat again at rides end .I you haven’t tried it, give it a whirl, it really is a lot of fun.

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